"Bruiser" Jake Bell

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"Bruiser" Jake Bell

Post by JakeBell on Sat Jan 04, 2014 10:32 am

-Xbox 360 Gamertag: Michigandalf

Superstar name: "Bruiser" Jake Bell

-Choose Face/Heel: Heel

-Weight Class: Heavyweight

-Overall: 93

-What real finisher(s) do you want to claim (NOTE: Check that others have not claimed it themselves and if you use an alternate name, just list that name and then the real move name beside it): Hail to the Victor (Powerslam 3) Schembechler Stretch (Sharpshooter)

Write a brief background/description of your CAW: Jake Bell is a former All American Linebacker and Wrestler for the Michigan Wolverines. After not being drafted for the NFL, he chose to pursue a career in wrestling. Bitter about his failed football career, Jake is always looking to take out his anger on his opponents.

How often or what days are you usually available to play: Im very flexible time wise. Have band rehearsal twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays between six and 10) and other than that I can get my matches done quite easily anytime.

Any other comments or request: Have spent a lot of time on my moveset to make it realistic for a former football player and amateur wrestler, and also to make sure its not cheesy.


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