Contract for Pierre Thompson

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Contract for Pierre Thompson

Post by suntan on Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:24 pm

-Xbox 360 Gamertag - xI Suntanx

-Piere Thompson

-Choose Face/Heel - Face

-Weight Class - HeavyWeight

-Overall - 89

-What real finisher(s) do you want to claim (NOTE: Check that others have not claimed it themselves and if you use an alternate name, just list that name and then the real move name beside it) Sigs: Omega Train (Clothesline from hell), Swaying right hook
Finishers: The Que Hammer (Bull Hammer), The Initiation (Powerbomb Lungblower)

Write a brief background/description of your CAW: Growing up in Louisiana Young Pierre always wanted to be a professional wrestler. The only problem was the only wrestling company around him closed down we he turned 17. So instead he decided to go to college at Louisiana State University and became one of the top collegiate wrestlers in LSU history. He also pledged to become a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Pierre would begin wrestling for many different federations and most recently in the now defunct OCW. After OCW closed its doors Pierre started to wonder if that was his last chance until he heard about NNW, Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Dog Pound..

How often or what days are you usually available to play: Usually after 6pm pst mon-thurs and mostly all day unless i party or club on friday and saturday. Sunday if im on im on, ifnot im sleep lol


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