Contract for - "Hellraiser" Trent Graham

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Contract for - "Hellraiser" Trent Graham

Post by Byrning on Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:07 pm

Contract for: Hellraiser" Trent Graham

-Xbox 360 Gamertag: Byrning

-Choose Face/Heel: Heel

-Weight Class: Heavyweight

-What real finisher(s) do you want to claim (NOTE: Check that others have not claimed it themselves and if you use an alternate name, just list that name and then the real move name beside it): Signature is Blackout and Turnbuckle Reverse STO

Write a brief background/description of your CAW: When his music hits, you know that the show is going to pick up. Hailing from New Zealand, this man from down below is a cocky, loud mouthed, Son of a Bi*ch who makes his own law, and if told otherwise, will strangle you with it. Starting from a small town in the North Island, Hellraiser would build himself to be the best Competitor withih the southern hemisphere earning him the title of "The New Zealand War Macine" for his "Tank-like presence". Having successful runs in XWE, EGC, VSW and the recently defunct OCW, Trent made sure to show people just what the "Hellraiser" is. And now, he plans on taking all that he holds and showing it all off right here in the NWW. So, ladies and gentlemen, he is the "Hellraiser", "The New Zealand War Machine", he is Trent Graham.

How often or what days are you usually available to play
All Week at most times

During School times: Mon-Fri: 4:30PM-10:00PM
                          Sat: 10:30AM-whenever
                          Sun: 10:30AM-10:00PM

Any other comments or request


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