Contract for Lance "The Phenom" Amerex

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Contract for Lance "The Phenom" Amerex

Post by Aiyato on Fri Dec 20, 2013 2:31 pm

Superstar name: Lance "The Phenom" Amerex

-Xbox 360 Gamertag: Aiyato

-Choose Face/Heel: Heel

-Weight Class: Heavyweight

-What real finisher(s) do you want to claim (NOTE: Check that others have not claimed it themselves and if you use an alternate name, just list that name and then the real move name beside it): Rko 1, F5 1

Write a brief background/description of your CAW: After wrestling and competing on the indy circuit, capturing as a teen, "The Phenom" Lance Amerex finally made his way to the big stage. While constantly scrutinized for his jerk antics, Lance earned his nick name for his charismatic style and relentless attack as well as overcoming seemingly impossible odds. He has captured titles in various leagues such as XWE, EGC, VSW, and was a top competitor during his time in the now defunct OCW. He looks to continue his rise or what he calls his rampage as he steps into the ring of NWW.

How often or what days are you usually available to play: Usually free most of the time

Any other comments or request


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