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- Shows are every Monday. You are expected to complete your Monday matches by no later than Saturday.

- Failure to complete your NWW matches will result in a possible suspension and/or being left off the next weeks card. If you continue to miss shows in a repetitive manner, you will be let go. However, if you show effort in getting your match done and your opponent has not responded to your effort we can look past it. Posting in the Match Scheduling forum is an easy way to let the mods know you are making an effort, use it to set a time and date that works best for both of you. Take into account that our members are from all over the world so you need to make use of time zone differences as well.

- PPVs cards are posted on Fridays and are to be done by Sunday night. Make sure you plan accordingly as failure to show up could end up with suspension.

- In NWW you are not just required to do your matches every week, you are also expected to be active on the site. Post promos when possible, we know people have lives so if you can’t write a 10 page long interview that’s fine. Just do what you can and try to be active in the chat, sometimes things can develop and you will never know unless you make an attempt to get to know your fellow members.

- You are expected to respect your fellow members. Any problems are to be taken to Byrning or Aiyato. We know that people like to joke around in the chat and that’s fine, but if things get out of control you will be given a time out from the chat for a certain amount of time. Let’s be civil and mature here. Any racial slurs, homophobic comments or any personal shots can be punished with anything from being suspended from the site to possible release.

-The maximum overall you may have is 95.

-Please, make your CAW as realistic as you can. This is in look and in moveset. Nothing unrealistic for your weight class. You will be asked to change anything seen as unrealistic. Also, your moveset must not use any finishers as normal moves. Finishers are finishers for a reason.

- You are allowed only up to 1 CAW until you have been here for at least 1 month and have shown acceptable activity within the site in which you will be allowed a 2nd CAW. You may not use a second until you have premission from management. Talk to Byrning with any questions about this.

-Your CAW cannot be a created version of a real superstar. Once again, you are creating a character that is all you, and so all original.

-We are all here for NWW, so please do not advertise for any other FED. You are here to be a part of the NWW experience, not to promote your own.


- Be fair! If you are caught spamming moves or using glitches to get victories you will have your win revoked. There are literally 50 moves per character, you have quite a selection to choose from so don’t just use the same move over and over again.

- All matches are to be finished with either a finisher or a signature move. If you hit your opponent with a German suplex and it doesn’t look like they are going to kick out, break the pin manually. The only time this rule can be broken is if the match has gone on for an extended amount of time like 30 – 40 minutes. Let’s be reasonable, how often do real matches end off of a bulldog or suplex?

- Submissions victorys are only allowed after you have performed 3 finishers on your opponent.

- All matches are to be made with count outs set to off. Count out victories are cheap and don’t really make sense in most situations.

- Do not spam taunts to get your finisher quicker. This is a cheap tactic to end the match faster. You are allowed 4 taunts throughout the whole match. (Not including wake up taunts.)


- You are expected to write at least one roleplay a week. Feel free to do as many as you like but only one is required. You can also answer other peoples promo's dependant on who they have left them open to. Don’t respond if they are only asking for specific responders. If you don’t want anyone to respond, be sure to note that the promo is closed to avoid confusion.

- Never brutally attack anyone without permission. If it doesn’t make sense, don’t do it! If you are going to use this to set up a storyline, that’s fine. But if you are attacking someone in every other promo you do you will be told to stop. Let’s keep this real, use your imagination to make yourself interesting. Attacks don’t happen in all the time on TV, try to emulate that.

- Not everyone can write a great promo and we know that. We don’t expect everyone to be able to write novels here. All we want is for you to take a chance on yourself and try to grow as a character. If you need advice HBK is here to give you pointers and help you with whatever it is you need. Grammar isn’t everything, and length of promos aren’t everything either. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Always start in ring promos with a titan-tron at the top of the page. Make sure you edit the posts with colors, bold lettering or italics so its easy to know what is descriptions and what is dialogue. We understand that promos take time to get good at, we are here to help you any way we can so don’t be shy.

- In order to have a rematch for a title that you have lost you need to retain you're title at the first pay per view you defend it. For example if you win a Title at the pay per view you need to keep you're title until the next pay per view and retain it to be eligible for a rematch clause in the future. If lose you're title after winning it at the last pay per view then you do not get you're rematch clause.

-The Ultimate Ten is our ranking system to determine things like No 1 Contenders. To get on the list, all your promo's match results and overall attitude will determine where you can get on the list.

The number one rule in NWW is to have fun. The rules and regulations stated above are for nothing more than to make sure everyone here has a fair shot. Not everyone is great at all the things it takes to be a part of this place, but if you take the time to get better you can be a top star here. Everyone has a chance.

If anyone witnesses any rules being broken, please message any of the managing members ASAP (Byrning, Aiyato)

All reports will be taken as serious and will be looked into and a solution will be found to suit everyone if possible.


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