Contract for Raging Rick

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Contract for Raging Rick

Post by Ragin' Rick on Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:23 pm

-Xbox 360 Gamertag: uRa Blight

Superstar name: Ragin Rick

-Choose Face/Heel: Wildcard

-Weight Class: Heavyweight

-Overall: 90

-What real finisher(s) do you want to claim: (Ragin' Edge) Crucifix Powerbomb

-Write a brief background/description of your CAW: Whether he is Lovely Lewis, Rage, or Raging Rick, this is a man to never underestimate. His origins are largely unknown other than he has appeared in numerous wrestling promotions over the last few years had has had some success in every company he was in. A former European, Hardcore, Tag Team, and World Champion, Rage knows what it takes to win a title and run with it. Although he's not a particularly large wrestler, he makes up for it through sheer viciousness. Rage is cruel, relentless, and very focused during his matches. He isn't above getting disqualified as long as he gets to hurt his opponents. Hardcore and Cage Matches are his specialty since anything goes and there are nearly no limits on the extent he can maul his challengers. He has a habit of being unpredictable and can snap and attack anyone at anytime and any reason (if one is ever given). There's isn't much doubt that Raging Rick will will live up to his name make an impact in the NWW soon enough...

-How often or what days are you usually available to play: Varies depending on work week. But my Mondays are free. I'll post my xbox schedule every week.

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